New Battle Gear

One of the many ways God has shown his goodness to me in my fight against cancer is by providing so many tools and technologies to aid in the battle. The first wave of radiation and chemo seems to have gone well under God’s hand and reduced the size of the tumor. Different types of…

By brugp January 28, 2019 8

Battle continues

Please pray for me as I finish my monthly course of oral chemo (pills). Two other types of chemo will be ongoing periodically as well. I plan on soon being fitted for the Optune device, which is worn on the head and uses electricity to attack the cancer cells and has been shown to be…

By brugp January 17, 2019 2

Many prayers – many thanks

As a follow-up to my most recent post and prayer request,I went in to the hospital for a brain MRI today. Afterwards, my oncologist Dr. Khan went over the results with us, and it looked very positive! He said that the tumor had shrunk compared to last time and that since I am having very little problems with symptoms and side effects, that is a good…

By brugp January 9, 2019 2

Prayer Request

Just a reminder/request to pray for me. Yesterday I had an Avastin treatment, which went smoothly. Tomorrow Wed 1/9/19) I go in to St. Luke’s for a brain scan and a meeting with Dr. Khan. Pray that treatment may be effective and that the scan will show good results. Thank you!

By brugp January 8, 2019 2

New Season

God keeps giving me a lot to be thankful for in my life in spite of my battle with cancer. I have still been feeling pretty good and normal. My time in the classroom has been going really well, and this week marks the beginning of a new wrestling season. I’ve been able to get…

By brugp November 14, 2018 4